Jones’ Hellboy Blog Reveals New Casting

Doug Jones (AKA Abe Sapien) has started a Blog from Hungary where he talks about the pre-shoot days and drops a new casting bit. Here are some interesting quotes:

Since cameras don’t role until June 8th, I have SO enjoyed the couple hours here and there rehearsal schedule so far that affords me all this much-needed down time…

I have been rehearsing scenes with Guillermo and the lovely Anna Walton, who plays Princess Nuala. Without giving anything away, I will simply tell you that this is one fantastic actress, and her highness may bring out a side of Abe Sapien that you’ve never seen before. Anna is just delightful, and is here in Budapest with her 4 week old baby!!!!! I shall never complain about stress ever again for as long as I live (said Dougie, as he pictured 3am feedings before a work day). My hope is that you will fall in love with Anna as we all have on this end…

I arrived here Thursday May 17th to begin my 6 month stay for the production of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. I am very excited to be reprising one of my favorite characters, Abe Sapien the blue fishman. Along with him, I am also tackling a couple of other heavily made-up characters: The Chamberlain, a doorkeeper for the King of the alternate world, and The Angel Of Death, kind of self explanatory, but not to be feared, as she (yes, she) is SUCH a cool moment in the film that will leave you wondering when you might see her again in films to come.

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Source: Vicky