The Joker Will See You in December!

The new image of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight has now been removed from It’s been replaced with red text that gives the error, “Page not found.” If you highlight the entire page, however, you’ll see a ton of Ha Ha Ha’s with some letters here and there that don’t belong. String those letters together and what do you get? – “See you in December.”

We assume you’ll get a first look at The Joker in a trailer for the sequel at that time. Warner Bros. has both Nicole Kidman’s The Golden Compass and Will Smith’s I Am Legend opening in December, to which the teaser could be attached to.

So who is behind all this? It looks to be 42 Entertainment, the company which previously created the “I Love Bees” promotion for “Halo 2” and “Year Zero” for the Nine Inch Nails album “Year Zero.” The company just registered yesterday, so stay tuned.

The Dark Knight opens in theaters on July 18, 2008.

Source: celticbaptist