Lou Ferrigno in The Incredible Hulk!?

Here’s an interesting bit from ‘TheDude’. Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk, was indeed at the Motor City Comic Con this weekend in Novi, Michigan. If this is accurate, we’ll have to wait and see how big his role is…

I was at the Motor City Con in Detroit today, and Lou Ferrigno was there. We got to talking, and he revealed something he shouldn’t have. Basically I asked him about if he knew anything about the new HULK film, he did confirm he will be in the movie, but he will play a “big important” part in the film. I looked at him, then he said something about playing a villian, I couldn’t really hear over the loud noise. I asked him again, and he said he didn’t want to get into trouble, whatever that means.

Louis Leterrier is directing the Marvel Studios movie, opening June 13, 2008. Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth star.

Source: TheDude