Dark Knight’s Joker Strikes!

Scooper ‘cired’ wrote in with an interesting bit:

Hey, I work in a comic book store in Southern California, and Friday we found these hidden Joker cards all around the store. It looks like a guerilla marking campaign from Warner Brothers. The cards seemed to have these words rubber stamped onto them and they all say I BELIEVE IN HARVEY DENT TOO! HAHAHAHAHAH! on them. I think they’re pretty awesome.

‘synasp’ wrote in with the following. Could it be filming for Wanted instead?

Hey, I was playing volleyball on Oak St. beach today and the Batman helicopter flew over, then did a straight show down Michigan Ave. …so they’re still filming.

It’s the same helicopter I photographed on my website.

Also, it’s 2am right now, and there are spotlights going up and down over the building where Batman stands at the very top (I think the court room building). I also just heard screeches from a car stopping suddenly. This could either be Dark Knight or that Angelina Jolie movie…

Source: cired, synasp