Jones on His Voice in Silver Surfer and Hellboy

Doug Jones’ voice has been replaced in both Hellboy (by David Hyde Pierce) and in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (by Laurence Fishburne), but he’ll finally be heard in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. The Edmonton Sun has his reaction to the voice castings:

Jones is unhappy: “Yes, I have some very definite feelings about that,” he tells Sun Media. “But my political faith has to stay on (this path): ‘I wish them all good luck and I hope the movie’s a success!’ That’s all I can say.”

Jones does add, however, he believes Fishburne may be a good marketing tool for the Fantastic Four sequel, due in summer.

“Artistically, I would rather just see it stay intact with my performance. But Laurence Fishburne is a name and he has a good background with The Matrix franchise. And, if that sells more tickets than Doug Jones would have, that is probably why they did it. Can I blame them for that? That’s not my department.”

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Source: Advanced Dark