Gina Holden Boards Flash Gordon

SCI FI Wire reports that Gina Holden (Fantastic Four) has been cast as Dale Arden, the female SCI FI Channel’s “Flash Gordon” TV series. She’ll co-star opposite Eric Johnson (“Smallville”), who plays the title character.

In other casting, Jody Racicot (Night at the Museum) will play Dr. Hans Zarkov, and John Ralston (“Earthstorm”) will play the villainous Ming.

Holden, who also stars in the upcoming Alien vs. Predator 2, will play Flash Gordon’s love interest in the show.

Others in the cast include Karen Cliché (Baylin), Giles Panton (Joe), Panou (Nick), Jonathan Walker (Rankol), Jill Teed (Norah), Carmen Moore (Jolie) and Anna van Hoft (Aura).

The series will premiere in August.

Source: SCI FI Wire