Spider-Man 3 Breaks Japan Record

Spider-Man 3 broke the Y3 billion ($25.2 million) barrier in only six days, setting a new box office speed record for a Hollywood film in Japan, reports Variety.

Opening in Japan on 807 screens on May 1, Spidey recorded Y3,187,560,000 ($26.8 million) on 2,578,255 admissions in its first six days of release. According to distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan, this is the fastest any Hollywood movie has hit the Y3 billion mark in the Japanese market.

This compares to Y1,714,760,000 ($14.4 million) for Spider-Man and Y1,636,630,000 ($13.7 million) for Spider-Man 2 in the same six-day period.

The pic also bests SPEJ’s 2006 The Da Vinci Code, which scored Y2,348,840,000 ($19.7 million) in its first six days and finished its Japan run with Y9.05 billion ($76 million).

Source: Variety