Win a Private Transformers Screening

USA Weekend magazine has kicked-off a contest in which you can win a private Transformers screening for 100 of your friends! You can enter here.

Also, Michael Bay’s official website has an update on what the director is doing:

This movie is about 3-4 weeks from being locked (locked means that no more changes can be made to a film so that it could be release for masive reel duplication).

At this point, there are few mods left. Mike is tweaking the ending and maybe shaving off some minutes here and there. He’s waiting for some final renders from ILM and that’s it.

The photo of OP in the LA Times should tell you what the final decision is on the mouth/faceplate/battle mask is.

He and others then start the international press tour in early June.

Transformers hits theaters on July 4.

Source: Superhero Hype!