Marvel Names Prop Collectibles Licensee

Atlanta Cutlery Corp. (ACC) & Museum Replicas Ltd. (MRL) announced today that they have entered into a multi-year license agreement with Marvel Entertainment Inc. for prop collectibles throughout North America. The agreement covers multiple characters from the Marvel Universe, including specific props from the previously released “X-Men” movies and the upcoming Iron Man film currently in production.

New product is set to roll out in conjunction with Marvel releases beginning late summer 2007. Waves of props will be released–many for the first time–and timed to the release of Marvel character based movies, DVD’s and comics.

The company will develop a range of prop collectibles and specialty products including full-scale helmets, weapons, and other props all inspired by the characters, creatures and themes from the Marvel Universe. This line of products will be marketed under the banner of Windlass Studios, a new division of the company whose primary focus will be the creation of high end licensed collectibles, based upon movies, video games and literary works.

As the Marvel Universe has matured with each new comic, DVD or movie release, so has its audience. The assortment of products being created by ACC/MRL will therefore be geared to appeal to the loyal fans from all generations of the classic comics to the movies of today. Each prop will be meticulously researched with Marvel archival personnel (as well as 20th Century Fox for the “X-Men” movie props) for absolute realism and authenticity. Characters include Iron Man, Captain America, Blade, Dr. Doom, Submariner, Moon Knight, Mandarin, X-Men, Thanos and Thor. As comic book and movie audiences have become more sophisticated in their reading and viewing tastes, so have the collectors of these higher end collectibles. People are beginning to realize that these pieces are not only purchased for their ever-increasing intrinsic value, but for their aesthetic beauty.

The Marvel Universe Prop Collection can be viewed online at or on their sister site and in person at the Museum Replicas exhibitor booths at San Diego Comic-Con & Atlanta DragonCon 2007.

Source: Advanced Dark