Detailed Iron Man Set Report

The official website of the United States Air Force has posted a detailed report on the recent shooting of Iron Man at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Here’s a clip (with spoilers):

During the last day of shooting here, “Rhodie” led a group of about 20 Air Force “pilots” — all active-duty airmen and Marines who auditioned to be extras — through the base’s Hangar 1820. The group paused between a sleek F-22 Raptor and a bulb-nosed Global Hawk, both dramatically lit by light balloons suspended above, as Mr. Stark approached Rhodie for a heated discussion.

The group rehearsed the scenario again and again as crews operating three separate cameras tested their shots and ensured the lighting was perfect. When the call went out, “Picture up!” and filming began, Mr. Favreau and his assistant producers watched from their director’s chairs. Finally, after hours of set-up, practice and eight takes, Mr. Favreau called it a wrap.

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Source: He-Man