Paquin on the Wolverine Spinoff talked to Anna Paquin about her new movie, Blue State, but also got some comments from the “X-Men” franchise star about the Wolverine spinoff. Here’s a clip:

CS: You were signed to do three “X-Men” movies, so if they get around to making a “Wolverine” movie, would you still be interested in playing the character or are you over it and want to move on?

Paquin: I mean, you know, I think it would be like anything else. I loved the people I worked with and they are people I’ve known now for a really long time, as far as a lot of the creative people behind and in the movie. If it was something that was really interesting and exciting and I got to do something cool, of course I’d want to do it, just like anything. It would be very nice to do more of that if the timing works out or whatever.

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