The Joker Sets Fire to The Dark Knight Set!

Excuse us for the dramatic title, but we thought it fit pretty good, no? Turns out, a fire broke out on the roof of the Old Post Office in Chicago this morning. It’s the location of The Dark Knight filming we have been reporting on, and luckily the Gotham Police were there! Here’s ‘lordnazgul’ with an update and a photo:

I work in the building across the river and have a great view of the filming. Yesterday evening about 3 or 4 times they shot the scene with people on the zip line. There was a black bag (camera or weight perhaps) followed by two people separated by about 5-10 feet. Today they were shooting the bus leaving the building and the police heading towards it. During one shot, a fire erupted on the roof of the old post office, and shooting has stopped as of now. Fire department is on the scene, as well as several news choppers.

‘Edge’ wrote:

There was a fire in the ventelation system of Chicago’s ‘Old Central Post Office’ today, the location where they are filming for ‘Dark Knight Returns.’ Its the building seen in the school bus crash set pics that were sent in a few days ago. The street they are filing in runs under the actual building. The fire seems pretty minor, but a huge part of the story on the local news is that the Batman sequel is being filmed there. Apparently a sign with “Gotham Bank” has been has been put on the front facade, and a few ‘ G.C.P.D’ cars are in front so most people thought the commtion and smoke was part of the filming!

Scooper ‘B’ also send us pics and pointed us to a video clip of the fire breaking out:

A small fire broke out on the set of “The Dark Knight” late morning today. Part of the old post office’s ventilation system apparently went haywire. Not much major damage was done, and the fire department got control of it fairly quickly.

A friend of ‘B’ witnessed more of what is going on today:

Most of the activity has been inside the building. This morning, however, they blocked off Van Buren, and parked outside the Old Post Office was a fleet of about 20 school busses, 20-25 “Gotham Taxi’s”, and another 20-25 Gotham PD cars. Also – a lot of guys walking around in black jumpsuits, so either the jokers crew is wearing ninja outfits, or they’re doing a bunch of blue-screen stuff right now.

Source: Superhero Hype!