UPDATE: Latest on The Dark Knight Filming

‘Matthew J.’ wrote in this report from Chicago where The Dark Knight is about to start filming:

I went to where they’re filming “The Dark Knight” and I saw what everyone was talking about with the post office as the Gotham National Bank. A few new notes though: Filming won’t actually start until Wednesday. The “Rory’s First Kiss” notices say that they will be filming until Saturday or Sunday from 6am to 9pm. I took pictures of the set and there is an additional set piece that they added to the actual building on its west side, not sure what it is going to be used for though. Also, the coolest thing that I saw was that there was a schoolbus inside of the building. Again, I have no idea what it is going to be used for but I’m sure it has to do with a major action sequence. I actually took a good amount of pictures. I tried to get closer to the east side of the building but I was chased away by set security. Oh well though, I got some good stuff.

UPDATE: ‘Matthew J.’ sent along the photos as well, and described them as follows:

#1: this is the notice that traffic and parking will be obstructed due to the filming of “Rory’s First Kiss.”

#2: this is looking into the building and you can kinda see the top of a school bus through the bottom part of the window

#3: this is the piece that they added on to the building

#4: looking through the front door, here is the sign for the “Gotham

National Bank”

#5: this is an exterior look of the building they will be filming in…it has the lifts outside for lighting

Source: Matthew J.