EXCL. Pics: FF’s Invisible Woman… Naked!

Here at Superhero Hype!, we’re not big on sensationalism or exploitation–we usually leave that to SuperheroTabloids.com–but when these exclusive pictures of the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman running around starkers on the set of the upcoming sequel crossed our virtual desk, we had to share them with our readers.

Yes, apparently the Invisible Woman has been taking full advantage of her powers to show up on the Vancouver set au naturale, and though most of the cast and crew rarely even notice, our secret spy photographer was able to take a few quick snapshots before being escorted off set by security. (At least that’s what he told us when he sold us these pictures for a pretty penny.)

Here’s the Invisible Woman at the beach near the Vancouver set lounging in the nude in between scenes:

And here’s another picture of her on a set constructed to look like New York’s City Hall Park fountain:

The Invisible Woman has gotten so comfortable with her nudity that she can even be “seen” out and about with her superhero family sans her costume.

Although we were hesitant to post these pictures, we feel that we need to provide our readers with the entire superhero experience, whether they’re mutants or just invisible naturalists.

Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer opens on June 15, but since the movie is likely to be PG-13, don’t expect anything nearly as racy as these pictures.

Source: Superhero Hype!