Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman
(Image Source: Marvel)

Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman Have a Secret Love Language

There are some couples who are so close they can communicate without saying a word. The Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four have taken this idea to a new level. While not going so far as to create their own language, they do have a way of communicating that is uniquely their own.

Reed and Sue’s love language was revealed in Fantastic Four #17 by Ryan North and Carlos Gomez. The comic opened with Susan Storm being called to examine a skeleton found at a construction site. The skeleton was clearly too old to be recent, requiring an archeologist like Sue Storm to determine its origins. This led to the revelation that the skeleton was a future Invisible Woman, displaced in time by 20,000 years and violently murdered.

Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic Time Travel
(Image Source: Marvel / Carlos Gomez)

A flash-forward reveals that a future version of Reed Richards and Susan Storm traveled back in time. The two were celebrating their anniversary, and Sue’s discovery of the exact era the first migrants traveled to North America. This brought them into conflict with Kang, in his guise as Rama-Tut, who intended to kill the settlers.

Brilliant as the two Fantastic Four members are, they could do little to fight Kang directly. Any plan they came up with, a later version of Kang could counter. This left them with the problem of how to fight a time traveler who could spy on their every move across time.

The Fantastic Four Use Braille as a Secret Code

Fantastic Four Use Braille
(Image Source: Marvel / Carlos Gomez)

Thankfully, every member of the Fantastic Four had learned Braille out of respect for Ben Grimm’s wife, Alicia Masters. Reed and Sue had also both learned how to adapt their powers to create Braille script. This enabled them to communicate in perfect silence, pretending to build a weapon to fight Kang, while secretly fashioning invisible clones to leave in their place.

This convinced Kang that he had truly killed the heroes. It also explained the mystery of the skeleton, which had always troubled Sue Storm before that day. This left them needing to make one more trip in time, so Sue could silently tell her past self that everything would be fine with a Braille forcefield.

Fantastic Four #17 is now available at comic shops everywhere.