Warner Bros. Reimagining Sherlock Holmes

Warner Bros. Pictures is teaming with producer Lionel Wigram to adapt Wigram’s upcoming comic book Sherlock Holmes for the big screen. Neil Marshall (The Descent) will direct, while screenwriter Michael Johnson penned the script for the action-adventure.

“Sherlock” is expected to be Marshall’s next directing project, as the studio is eager to push ahead, says Variety. Helmer is currently filming Doomsday for Rogue Pictures.

The trade says the exact storyline is being kept under wraps, but creative executives at Warners say they are looking for the “Sherlock” team to reinvent the sleuth and his loyal No. 2 Dr. Watson in much the same edgy way that Christopher Nolan has reimagined Batman for the studio.

Wigram’s vision has Holmes losing some of his Victorian stuffiness and being more adventuresome, including playing up his skills as a bare-knuckle boxer and expert swordsman as he goes about solving crimes.

Source: Variety