Hasbro at the New York Toy Fair

Hasbro has sent out a press release talking about all that the company will present at New York’s annual American International Toy Fair (February 11-14). Here are the Spider-Man 3 and Transformers items:


Our world will be changed forever on July 4 when an alien race of robots make Earth their final battleground in DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures’ live-action feature film TRANSFORMERS. Fans of all ages will witness the legendary struggle of the AUTOBOTS versus the DECEPTICONS, which has captivated kids and kids at heart since it was first introduced to the world in 1984. The OPTIMUS PRIME VOICE CHANGER HELMET allows kids to “become” the AUTOBOTS leader hero, OPTIMUS PRIME, and sound like a TRANSFORMERS robot for the first time! The OPTIMUS PRIME VOICE CHANGER HELMET features 3 modes: VOICE CHANGER: Make your voice sound like a robot; BATTLE PHRASES: OPTIMUS PRIME speaks iconic phrases; CONVERSION SOUNDS: Hear OPTIMUS PRIME change from a truck to a robot and back! (Approximate retail price $29.99; Ages 5 & up; Available: June 2007)


Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man(TM) 3 reunites the cast and filmmakers from the first two blockbuster adventures for a web of secrets, vengeance, love, and forgiveness that will transport worldwide audiences to thrilling new heights on May 4, 2007. For kids who love to pretend they are Peter Parkers alter ego, Hasbro delivers the most realistic web-slinging experience ever with the DELUXE SPINNING WEB BLASTER. The amazing web blaster creates spiral webs with special web fluid. The blaster can also blast water. Included is one can of web fluid, with refills available separately. (Approximate retail price $24.99, refills $5.99; Ages 5 & up; Available: Spring 2007)

Spider-Man 3 hits theaters on May 4 and Transformers on July 4.

Source: Hasbro, Inc.