Jones on Fantastic Four 2 and Hellboy 2

The Windsor Star has published a new interview with Doug Jones in which he talks about playing The Silver Surfer in the “Fantastic Four” sequel and Abe Sapien again in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Here’s several clips from the article (Spoilers ahead!):

“I’m interacting with the Fantastic Four quite a bit — mostly with Jessica Alba, as Sue Storm. We have a three-page scene that’s actually sweet and touching, when she’s trying to get through to him.”

Jones is about to revisit his biggest makeup challenge so far, reprising his role as Abe Sapien in Hellboy 2, which starts filming in April in Budapest with director del Toro, who also directed Hellboy in 2004.

“It’s even more (makeup) than Pan — it took three makeup artists seven hours to make me into Abe Sapien, so by the time you’re done with makeup, you’ve put in a full day. You’re tired, you don’t want to film, but you have to.”

Visit the link above for the full interview!

Source: Advanced Dark