New Spider-Man 3 Footage at CES!

Sony Pictures is previewing new footage from Spider-Man 3 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the Sony SXRD Theater in Sony’s booth twice daily at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. ‘Patrick’ got a chance to see the footage and sent us this spoiler-filled report:

I just got back from the CES convention in Las Vegas and got to see the Amazing Spider-Man 3 clip. Those 5 minutes have me so excited for the release of Spider-Man 3. The first shot was of Peter and Mary Jane on a web gazing up at the stars and talking about the future. We then cut a scene with Aunt May telling Peter how Uncle Ben proposed to her many years ago. She then pulls out her ring and gives it to Peter to give to MJ. The next sequence was by far the best fight out of all the films. Peter is riding on his scooter when all of a sudden, Harry Osborn snatches Peter up into the sky on his flying jet propelled snow board. They battle it out above and though the city, never once allowing the audience to breathe. Harry blames Peter for his father’s death and launches Peter deep into a brick building. They break away still fighting when Peter then gets tossed in a window and then out. The fight continues with a chase down between the buildings where we get to see the pumkin grenades, that sounded so very cool when they are activated. Peter even states “I hate those things” and is able to use his webbing and fling one back at Harry, piercing him in the shoulder. The fight is stopped when Peter uses his web to clothes line Harry, which drops his head onto a pipe, then bouncing off a dumpster and finally landing in the alley. Peter yells to Harry to see if he is concious. When he doesn’t move, Peter performs CPR screaming out Harry’s name.

Spider-Man 3 kicks-off the summer on May 4.

Source: Patrick