More From MSJ on Preacher

Newsarama has posted a new interview with Mark Steven Johnson in which he talks about his upcoming Preacher series at HBO. The interview covers…

That Grumpy Old Men director Howard Deutch may not be directing Preacher.

That besides adapting the 66 issues of Preacher and the Saint of Killers miniseries, the TV series will also adapt Preacher one-shots like Good Ol’ Boys and Tall in the Saddle.

The possibility of using Garth Ennis’ unused Preacher ideas for the TV series

That he will be using the Digital Intermediate Process to create the look and color palette for the series

That he’s hoping to do 12 episodes of Preacher a season for HBO

Speaking of the budget for Preacher episodes “it’s not something you make on the cheap.”

That the content level for Preacher TV series will be TV-MA or higher if possible

Visit the link above for the full interview.

Source: Newsarama