New Spidey 3 Clips & Empire Magazine Cover!

Spidey fans got a Thanksgiving holiday treat on Thursday, as Fox aired new clips from Spider-Man 3 during its showing of an edited version of Spider-Man 2.

The scenes shown included (spoilers ahead!): a look at Venom; Peter Parker talking about wanting to marry Mary Jane; Eddie Brock in a church; Peter Parker picking up Harry Osborn and throwing him; Harry with a retractable mask; Spider-Man in the black suit on top of a water pipe letting water come through; Norman Osborn yelling at Harry, asking him why he hadn’t killed Spider-Man yet; and more.

In related news, Empire magazine has revamped its look and Tobey Maguire in the black suit is on the cover, while the issue has interviews with the stars and photos from the movie. You can download the cover here!

Source: webby