EA Ships Superman Returns: The Videogame on Nov. 20

Electronic Arts will ship Superman Returns: The Videogame, licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, on November 20. The game, which features storylines from both the Warner Bros. Pictures’ film Superman Returns and more than 60 years of DC Comics’ content, is being developed by EA’s Tiburon Studio in Orlando, Fla., the award-winning studio that develops Madden NFL football, the most popular sports franchise in videogame history. Superman Returns: The Videogame is the ultimate open-world super-hero experience and will be released on the Xbox 360(TM) video game and entertainment system, as well as current generation platforms.

See firsthand what it is like to be Superman in the first multi-dimensional open world game, where you can go anywhere in the 80 square miles of Metropolis, from the street up into the clouds. Revolutionary new flight mechanics gives the player full command of all your aerial maneuvers. As Superman, the player must protect Metropolis from the most well-known villains in the DC Comics universe and conquer more than 100 missions that only Superman can overcome including saving Metropolis and its citizens from destruction, battling enemies and saving the planet from natural disasters. Make split-second decisions about which superpowers and moves are best suited to defeat the multitude of enemies. The game will feature all the classic superpowers, but learning to master all of them during flight and combat will take work — even for Superman.

Superman Returns: The Videogame ships November 20 and will be released on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox®, Nintendo DS(TM). The version shipping for the Game Boy® Advance is titled, Superman Returns: Fortress of Solitude. The game is rated “T” (Teen) by the ESRB for the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox and Xbox 360. It is rated “E” (Everyone) by the ESRB for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Visit BeSuperman.com for more info.

Source: Electronic Arts Inc.