Mark Steven Johnson Talks Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider writer-director Mark Steven Johnson returned to the SHH! Boards and cleared up some things about the new trailer:

I just wanted to say thanks for both the kind words and the criticisms on the new trailer. It all goes towards making a better movie. There’s a couple things I thought I’d mention that might help explain what you’re seeing. First, the TRANSFORMATION. Ghost Rider is a PG-13 movie, albeit, a very intense PG-13 movie. The MPAA governs the movie trailers as well. And one of the rules is that you can’t show people on fire in a PG-13 trailer. Obviously, this presents a problem for us. So for the fans who have wondered if that’s all there is for the transformation — God no. Not by a long shot. But that’s all we can show. In fact, we had to cut many shots out of the trailer for being too intense or horrific. I’m hoping to post something on the official site on a blog in the next 24 hours so be sure to check there. Just make sure you download before it gets yanked off. Second, the VOICE. The voice of Ghost Rider can’t be judged on an internet trailer. There are multiple tracks of animal growls, fire, rusty chains, etc. mixed into Ghost Rider’s voice. But all of those tracks have to be terribly condensed into a trailer like this and so all you can really hear is a deep, raspy voice. Trust me, GR’s voice will rock the movie house. Third, the HUMOR. Ghost Rider is not a jokey movie. It just has humor to balance the intensity (some of which you can’t see in the trailer for reasons stated above). Remember that to us Ghost Rider is a known character. But to the general public he is very dark and intimidating. The marketing team are just (wisely) trying to reach as broad an audience as they can and move beyond the core group. Fourth, BLACKHEART. What you’ve seen in Mephisto and Blackheart are glimpes into their demons forms. But by the end of the film Blackheart will evolve into his BEAST form. You haven’t seen that yet, I’m saving it. It’s not exactly the comic, but it’s closer, demonic, and spikey! Fifth, the POSTER. There will be multiple images to sell the movie. Some will be about the love story, the Beauty & The Beast, while others will be hardcore Skull shots. Keep an eye out for new images soon. Hope that helps. I’ll check in again soon.

Sounds good to us! You can watch the new trailer via this link.

Source: FlameHead