Spider-Man 3 Audience Tested? No!

We’ve received numerous e-mails over the last few days from fans wondering about all the reports that supposedly Spider-Man 3 was already tested in front of an audience, which said the movie needed more action.

It all started with an interview with James Franco (Harry Osborn) posted by MTV in which the star said that he would next be doing “re-shoots on ‘Spider-Man.’ ” He revealed that director Sam Raimi had put out the call for “more action.”

The Irish press (like this article) then added their own little twist to the story, saying that the reshoots were happening because “test audiences complained the movie was lacking in action.” We figured it wasn’t true, of course, since they were referring to the MTV article, but then the mainstream North American press started picking this up as well.

So, to put any worries to rest, and debunk the rumor, we contacted Sony Pictures. An executive confirmed to Superhero Hype! that no testing has been done on the film and that these reports are not accurate.

Source: Sony Pictures