Favreau Talks More Iron Man Villain

Iron Man director Jon Favreau has commented more about the San Diego Comic-Con, the villain and the competition from “James Bond 22” on his official Blog for the movie:

I just got back from San Diego. The Marvel panel was great. The crowd seemed to really dig that we hired Adi Granov to help with the suit design. He joined the panel and got an enthusiastic response. He is listed in my top 8 if you want to send him a post. We signed the teaser poster he drew at the Marvel booth until the line was gone. It lasted well over an hour.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Mandarin will be the villian. But don’t expect a magical Fu Manchu stereotype. We are taking many liberties to update the villain. He will still size up as Stark’s nemesis, but we’re throwing in a few surprises for the fans of the books.

I also heard the James Bond has since planned to release its next installment on our same date: May 2, 2008. The only weekend of 2008 taken, I might add. I’m sort of surprised by the move by Sony as I’m sure we share some of the same audience. It feels like two cars fighting over the same spot in an empty parking lot. I guess they expect us to move. I really don’t get it.

I had dinner with Joe Quesada and Joss Whedon. What great company. We spoke about Iron Man, Civil War, and Wonder Woman.

Source: Advanced Dark