Spider-Man 3 Movie Blog Preview!

Guests of toy maker Hasbro caught a humorous glimpse at an upcoming series of Video Blogs slated to start running in the coming weeks on the official Spider-Man 3 movie website. At a party celebrating the new Hasbro/Marvel relationship, guests were treated to a brief Spider-Man V-Blog hosted by Bruce Campbell. The Blog consisted of Campbell putting forth the argument that his ‘cameos’ in the first two “Spider-Man” films were much bigger roles than fans give him credit for. After all, in the first film, he named Spider-Man.

“Let’s face it, if it weren’t for me, this franchise would be called the Human Spider,” he said. The video cut to Campbell’s scene as the wrestling announcer who shuns Peter Parker’s wishes to be called the Human Spider in favor of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man!'”

In the second movie, Campbell contests he defeated Spider-Man. The scene is shown where Campbell, as a snippy theater employee, denies a late Peter entrance into Mary Jane’s play.

“In the third one, I… you think I’m going to tell you?!” said Campbell. Several quick set shots followed with Campbell clearly playing a restaurant maitre’d.

Source: Blake Wright