Hasbro’s Spider-Man 3 Toys and More!

Superhero Hype! spies infiltrated the Hasbro Vault (literally, it was a vault!) at the San Diego Comic-Con Thursday evening and provided a list of the toys that will be on display at the Con starting Friday. Here we go:

Spider-Man 3:

– Black Spider-Man

– Regular Spider-Man

– All new sculpts

Sampling of Superhero Squad (looks like Galactic Heroes) included;

– Spider-Man with black suit attacking him

– Transforming Sandman

– Crawling black Spider-Man

– Doc Ock (from Spider-Man 2)

Marvel Legends:

– Astonishing X-Men Cyclops

– Danger Room

– She-Hulk

– Ultimate Wolverine

– Thor

– X3 Dark Phoenix

– Storm (comic book version)

– Magneto as Zorn

– Blob-Build-A-Figure

– Quicksilver

– Yellowjacket

Marvel Icons:

– Punisher

– Dr. Doom

– X3 Juggernaut

– X3 Colossus

Stay tuned, we should have some pics soon.

Source: Superhero Hype!