Bryce Dallas Howard on Spider-Man 3

“Lady in the Water” star Bryce Dallas Howard talked to Zap2it about playing Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3. Here’s several clips:

The Gwen Stacy character is a fan favorite from the “Spider-Man” comic. She is Peter Parker’s first love and one of the pivotal presences for the early days of the franchise. Although many of Stacy’s story details have already been appropriated for Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane, Howard promises that distinctive aspects of the character remains. She also says that she feels no pressure taking on the iconic role.

“Not a pressure, but a responsibility and a joyful responsibility,” she says. “It was so great for me to go through all of the comic books and read everything and brainstorm with everyone like, ‘OK. How can we bring this woman to life in a way that will both be surprising and appropriate and will fulfill people’s expectations.'”

Visit the link above for more on what she thought about working on the project and with director Sam Raimi.

Source: Zap2it