Washington on the Fantastic Four Sequel

MTV chatted with Kerry Washington about returning as Alicia Masters in the Fox sequel Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer:

“It probably will be darker,” revealed actress Kerry Washington, who will return as blinded Thing paramour Alicia Masters in the 2005 film’s sequel. “They have handed in two different scripts, and they are trying now to take the best of both. So we’re not exactly sure yet what it’s going to look like.” Two factors that are certain to be in the movie, however, are planetary devourer Galactus and his gray-skinned herald. “You would think that the Silver Surfer would be its own movie franchise, because people really love that character,” Washington said of the Surfer/Galactus story line that will intersect with the characters of returning stars Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis. “I think it’s really exciting that they’re bringing that to ‘Fantastic Four.’ I think it’ll be huge.”

Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer is scheduled for a June 15, 2007 release.

Source: MTV