Spidey 3 Set Report and Shooting Location

‘Kevin’ was at the Spider-Man 3 filming last night at Cobble Hill as well and wrote…

The shoot was taking place primarily at the intersection of Court Street and Douglass Street. I stood with my friends at the front of a baracade in the middle of Douglass Street right behind what appeared to be the sound mixer’s station. There were two small TV screens which showed what was being filmed at the time. Tobey Maguire was there. I also saw Topher Grace. The next block down from Douglass Street is Butler Street where the “Stuyvesant Cinema” is located. There was a small sign out in front of the theater to let moviegoers know that the theater was still in operation, showing the movies there and the times they were playing. The shoot primarily was of Tobey walking across Court Street from the movie theater in the direction of a Blockbuster on the other side of the street. Suddenly, he stops and turns around as a cab passes by. Supposedly Mary Jane was in the cab, from my view I could not tell. As the cab passes by, Tobey says a quick line which was inaudible, then it appears as if he pursues the cab. There were water trucks in the area, as for sand on the rooftops, I didn’t see that. Also at the intersection of Court and Douglass, there was a small tent which the actors went into in between shots. It was an open tent so I got a pretty good view of the actors.

Meanwhile, another said he saw no-parking signs on 37th street for Spider-Man 3. The signs are for Saturday 6/24/06, 8am-8pm.

Source: Superhero Hype!