UPDATE: More Spider-Man 3 Shooting Locations

We’ve received three more scoops on the filming of Spider-Man 3 in New York. First up is ‘Richard M.’:

I go to Berkeley College on East 43rd Street in Manhattan, and today I saw that they will be filming Spider-Man 3 tomorrow Friday June 23, 2006 from 6am to 6pm.

The filming will be on East 43rd Street Between 5th avenue and Madison Avenue.

‘Action Junkie’ also says:

Saw the no parking signs along 40th St. b/t 5th and 6th (south part of Bryant Park) and along 5th Avenue in front of the NY Public Library (where they filmed Uncle Ben’s death scene in the first film) and more no parking signs along 41st St. b/t 5th and Madison.

Shooting is scheduled for Friday June 23rd 6am – 6am.

Meanwhile, ‘Ben Urich’ wrote the following:

My NYC friend just called to let me know that Spider-Man 3 is indeed shooting in Cobble Hill. The Cobble Hill Cinema is mocked up with the name Stuyvesant Cinema, and is “showing” a film named “The Gridiron Gang” (as well as other unfamiliar titles that she can’t remember right now). Shooting hasn’t started yet, it is scheduled to start at 7 tonight, so who knows how long it will last? A guy that she asked said that it is a night scene.

Source: Richard M., Action Junkie, Ben Urich