The Spider-Man 3 Filming in NY on Saturday!

Spider-Man 3 resumed filming resumed in New York after the rain on Saturday and ‘mike’ sent in this report with new pics:

I happened to stumble across the set of Spider-Man 3 today while I was out taking photos. They had Foley Square, near the courthouses at Centre St. (a few blocks from City Hall), blocked off but I was able to get some decent shots thanks to the powerful zoom on my camera.

The scene looks like a celebration in honor of Spider-Man. There is a pavilion set up with a podium and lots of important looking people. The stage has a background that says, “Thank You Spider-Man”. As I was watching, they did a couple takes which involved Spider-Man swinging down over the crowd as they cheered.

They had a camera high above the scene which was sliding along a cable. The way the cable was strung, it provided a cool shot of the American flag flying from the courthouse roof. I’m guessing the scene involves Spider-Man swinging up past the flag like he did several times in the other two movies.

You can check out the photos here!

‘Gecko’ also wrote in and said:

I was in New York today and happened to find [director] Sam Raimi sitting in the coffee shop I often stop by. I didn’t want to bother him so I asked him about whether or not Peter Parker will be wearing the symbiote in Spider-Man 3. He was very nice and told me that in the film “we see a different Peter, one filled with anger and hate, it’s what we’ve been working on” and then he said “yes, he will be wearing the symbiote”. After that I shook his hand and told him to have a great day he smiled and I left. Just a little something I thought you guys would like to know.

Gotta love how nice Sam is to the fans!

Source: Superhero Hype!