More Spidey 3 Set Reports and Pics

Before we get to the latest batch of reports from the New York fans, we received word that you can find more great photos from the set here and here!

Back to the reports (with a few spoilers)… ‘Knightmare6’ says:

Hey Knightmare6 reporting from New York City on ‘Spider-Man 3.’ This Thursday, June 8th, they’ll be shooting a scene in the small park located on Lafayette and Centre Street, between Pearl and Worth Street, about three blocks from City Hall. There is already a stage set up, from the looks of it, it looks like Spider-Man will be given an award ceremony. Atop the stage, in huge red letters, you have “Thank you Spider-Man.”

‘kevmikemom’ added:

I’ve been peeking at your website lately, and love all the film location tips. My husband called me this morning from the bus on his way to work. He says they’re finishing the set in front of the Supreme Court (80 Centre St.) and it looks like they might be filming today. I bumped into a woman at the Pizzaria in my neighborhood who told me her daughter’s school (St. James Church) was being taken over for filming this Friday (they cancelled a concert) but she wasn’t sure of the time.

Also, ‘Darkcloud’ wrote in with the following bit about a possible set in Los Angeles:

My stepfather was investigating an accidental fire in Los Angeles, it turned out to be a Spider-Man 3 set! He told me it was a contruction site set. and that they were destroying the set because it had finished filming. The following outdoor shots would continue to be shot in New york. All this happened today by the way.

Source: Superhero Hype!