Spider-Man 3 Filming Location Update

We received the following updates on the shooting of Spider-Man 3 in New York. ‘Dr Zuki’ says:

Yesterday, Sunday, they were building a set in the small park opposite the courthouse at 60 Centre Street, Foley Square which will serve as a backdrop.

It’s a promenade about 80 feet long with a small stage and an arched sign, red letters, reading “Thank You Spider-Man.” This may be for the ceremonial-congratulatory scene mentioned days back by another poster.

FYI: Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be their days off and the film is utilizing two separate shooting units. Inspite of the rain, they did shoot Saturday night at William and Pine Streets. Tonight they finish up there. Anybody know if they were able to do the helicopter scenes because of the rain??

‘Velma S.’ wrote earlier:

I live in Manhattan, and I was on 8th Ave at 46th street on Sunday June 4th. I saw light green no parking notices from the police and cones lined up on 8th ave between 45th and 46th street. The notices read no parking due to Spider-Man 3 filming effective 3pm to 6am Monday and Tuesday (6/5 – 6/6). I don’t think the filming will be done on 8th ave though, because the parking notice was only on one side of the street. Filming with probably be down 45th or 44th street.

And ‘Chris’ confirmed:

Not sure if you guys know this already, but I work in the MTV Building in New York, and Spider-Man 3 is shooting around the corner on 44th between 7th and 8th Ave. It looks like exterior shots for the play Mary Jane is in. They are using the theatre The History Boys is currently in, and there are posters hanging around the outside saying “Manhattan Memories” and one of the actors’ names listed in Mary Jane Watson. Not sure for how long they’re shooting, just thought you’d like to know!

Source: Superhero Hype!