Upcoming Spider-Man 3 Filming Locations

We’ve received word on upcoming filming locations for Spider-Man 3 in New York. ‘John’ is first up:

I live in Manhattan (washington heights) and I was visiting a friend who lives on 182nd street and Wadsworth Terrace. There are signs posted all over saying that Spider-Man 3 will be filming on that block from 6/2/06 to 6/6/06 (im not certain of 6/6/06) There was a contact name of E. Rivers. I took a pic with my camera phone but dont have service on it right now so i cant send it to you, and the picture i took didnt include the end date of shooting, thats why i wasn’t sure of the 6/6/06. I hope this is of some help to you guys, I love this sight and ComingSoon.net and visit you guys almost everyday.

‘Jaendorf’ also wrote:

I am an extra on SM 3. They are actually going to be shooting at 4th Street and Bowery in some place that I think was called the Bowery Bar from June 14 to 16. I heard from the PAs that anyone is welcome to come and see it because it will be a big action sequence and lots of viewers need to be filmed.

Source: John, Jaendorf