More on the Spider-Man 3 Filming Location

‘Dudie’ told us more specifics about the Spider-Man 3 filming location over the next few days:

About Spidey 3 filming…Thursday-Monday 6pm-6am inclusive. They’ve wired about a 9 square block area and have the super-bright spots set up all over the place so it looks like they’ll be filming daytime scenes. I spoke to a PA for locations who said they’ll have about 250 extras (already spoken for). They have also wired 2 spidey cams which are the ones suspended from cables between 2 buildings. They will be filming mostly in Chase Plaza itself (bordered by William, Pine and Nassau streets) and some side streets. And they will be using a helicopter for shots Friday night, weather permitting.

Stay tuned for possibly more on this filming!

Source: Dudie