Snipes on Blade and Black Panther

‘Sam Malone’ wrote in to tell us that there is a new interview with Wesley Snipes in Men’s Fitness magazine this month (the May issue), and he had a few interesting things to say about his upcoming films. Here are a few bits:

MF: And what’s coming up?

WS: A film called Shooter. It’s going to be great….lots of action. I play an agent that is reenlisted for active duty, when his old foe hits the streets again.

MF: Have we seen the last of Blade?

WS: Not of Blade, but of me playing Blade. It was a good time, but all good things must, eventually, come to an end. As of now, the Blade film series is dead. No Blade 4, no Nightstalkers. I believe they’re doing a TV show. I wish them luck.

MF: Doesn’t mean you can’t play another Superhero, sometime, though?

WS: We’re actually talking about doing Black Panther – he was the first African American superhero. He was around before Blade. He’s the original. We’ve already done a lot of work on it. We hope to have a director soon.

MF: What is the role you think audiences know you best for?

WS: Believe it or not, I think, Nino Brown. He was the coolest cat. Mario Van Peebles actually wants to do a “New Jack City 2”, which he sees as both a sequel and a prequel. I would love to step into that guy’s shoes again – Brown was one interesting character to play, and there’s so much more to tell. You should hear Van Peebles’ ideas – they’re wild.

Source: Sam Malone