New Spider-Man 3 NY Reports & Pics!

First up, a ton of new photos from the New York Spider-Man 3 set, including pics of Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacey, Topher Grace, director Sam Raimi and James Cromwell as Captain George Stacy, can be found here. Nice pics ‘littleal612’!

Scooper ‘TinoFett’ also wrote in with the following:

I was in NYC today and while driving uptown in a cab saw a ton of people – then I found it was Spidey 3! (I didnt get a chance to visit Superhero Hype! before leaving home this morning or maybe I would have known 🙂 ) It was right next to the New York Hilton – the building’s black – it has a name but I didnt catch it. I believe it was on 6th avenue between 54th and 55th.

Spoiler Material:

The entire front sidewalk area of the building was covered in debris as if an explosion happened or things fell out of a higher floor. There was a taxi cab with a table through the front windshield, broken computers, papers, ground sprayed white. After walking around the set we got a glimpse of some action: there were alot of extras -people in suits/business attire. At one point they all ran out of the building like crazy, Spidey possibly saved an older women in a pink shirt. Spidey was in his classic blue/red suit, not the black one. Can’t wait for this movie!

I snapped a couple pics that you can view here.

‘mjc’ also sent this in:

I’m sure you’re aware but thought I’d send an email anyway. Was on 6th Ave / Ave of Americas in Manhattan today (at 53rd in front of the Hilton) and the Spider-Man 3 crew were filming away. There were a bunch of desks lying broken on the sidewalk and some steel girders (to look like they had been blown out of a high floor on the building?) A desk through the windshield of a police car. Police, and Fire trucks / personnel everywhere. The takes I saw were shots of people running. What triggered me to think that something was going on was a newspaper truck parked on 6th. When I looked closer it said “Daily Bugle” on the side, I then continued walking and saw the rest of the set and crew.

Source: Superhero Hype!