Avi Arad on Spidey 3, FF2 and the Hulk Sequel

‘Kevin Roegele’ tells Superhero Hype! that Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad revealed some new bits to Empire magazine:

Avi Arad talks about future Marvel movies in the latest issue of Empire magazine. The article confirms not only that Galactus and the Silver Surfer are odds on to appear in FF2, but that the Hulk sequel in 2008 will be titled The Incredible Hulk.

Here is everything he says:

Spider-Man 3

“This is definetly a ‘3’ in terms of scale. Movie one was origin, movie two was, ‘I cannot do it anymore,’ and movie three is, ‘I’m powerful, what does that do to me?”

Regarding Venom: “I don’t know about Venom, I know about Topher Grace!….The black suit is a metaphor for Spidey’s mental state. In Spider-Man 2 we wanted him to put the suit back on; here we’ll want him to take it off. He cannot be the Peter we want him to be unless he takes the suit off….”

Fantastic Four 2

“It’s a couple of years later and we get to see what their life is like. What else is there for them to accomplish, what issues are in their lives, where’s Doom?”

Regarding Galactus: “They’ll be some pretty big surprises. What we’re trying to do is not to show him, but to show someone else, initially.”

Hulk 2 aka The Incredible Hulk

“It’s still a study in anger. It’s more a love story between Bruce and Betty. It has the feel of The Fugitive, and Bruce is on a mission to get rid of the Hulk. When you see the Abomination, you’ll see something really special.

Source: Kevin Roegele