Superman Returns Movie Update

Promotions are heating up for Warner Bros.’ Superman Returns. There are now two tie-in Daily Planet sites online. First up is Pepsi’s, where you can learn about the $1,000,000 contest and the limited edition cans. Also, there is the French site, which is set up like the newspaper.

Red Bull Racing is also being sponsored by Superman Returns for this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix. You can check out details here and another image here.

The official site for the movie has updated with a mobile contest, which you can view here.

As you may know, Superman Returns is the first live-action IMAX 3D release as well. Four scenes (about 20 minutes total) have been selected by director Bryan Singer to be shown in the format. Audience members will need to wear their 3D glasses for the four 3D scenes and for the movie preview trailers. (The glasses should be removed for the other portions of the movie.)

There will be on-screen cues to direct the audience as to when they should put on and take off the glasses. A green flashing glasses symbol means put your glasses on, while a red flashing glasses symbol means take the glasses off.

Source: Craig Norris, razorxc