Total Film Features Superman Collectors’ Cover

Faster than a speeding bullet, Future’s Total Film hits newsstands tomorrow (Wednesday), as the first UK movie magazine to offer a collectors’ cover for summer blockbuster, Superman Returns.

The magazine transforms its front cover (see images below) into a newspaper, reporting the return of Superman to Metropolis – one of the major storylines in the movie, which hits cinemas on Friday, July 14th in the UK. At the center of Total Film‘s cover is a full-color lenticular which sees mild mannered Clark Kent, originally played by Christopher Reeve, transform into the Man of Steel, Superman – as played in the new film by Brandon Routh.

As well as the highly collectable cover, Total Film features Brandon Routh, who beat hotly tipped Hollywood stars to the role. Donning its finest superhero costume, the magazine also offers ten-pages of Spandex-clad brilliance, tracing Superman from his comic book roots, right through to the TV spin-off Smallville and the brand-new movie.

Issue 116 of Total Film with its special collectors’ issue Superman Cover has a coverprice of £3.70.

Source: Total Film