Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four 2?

Variety reports that Marvel’s Silver Surfer is on course to become a linchpin in Fantastic Four 2, which 20th Century Fox is readying for a July 4, 2007 release.

The character has evolved into one of Marvel’s more sophisticated comic book heroes. A Surfer feature has been in Fox’s arsenal for a decade, but the studio waited because the project is so ambitiously f/x-heavy and Fox has been busy with other Marvel franchises.

The wait ends with “FF2.” The storyline is being finalized, with the studio about to choose between a script by X2: X-Men United scribe Mark Frost and another by Don Payne, who scripted Fox/New Regency’s My Super-Ex Girlfriend.

According to the trade, Payne’s script is the frontrunner and includes the Surfer.

Source: Variety