Report on Today’s Spider-Man 3 Filming

Scooper ‘Hero Tomorrow’ has given us an update on the Spider-Man 3 2nd Unit Cleveland shoot:

I decided to check out the Spider-Man action on Euclid today, and we saw much of the same armored car street scene stuff that’s been thoroughly described on the Hype. We left the crowd and decided to walk down to see the rest of the Euclid Avenue redo, and right near the intersection of Ontario another armored car moves into position. A Sandman stunt double quickly jumps on top of it and starts pounding on the roof in slow motion. Then a guy in white covered bathrobe comes out of a white van drops the robe and it’s the wallcrawler. He climbs on the armored car and does a few slow motion punches against the Sandman double. It lasted all of two minutes.

All I can figure is that it must have been a lighting test for the CGI so that it would match. The Sandman stunt double, dressed in the same garb as the promo pics, looked more like Flint Marko than Church. I was like twenty feet away without a stinkin’ camera. Ah well, it was pretty kickin’ for a lunch break.

Source: Hero Tomorrow