Avi Arad Confirms Hulk 2 Villain

Business 2.0 Magazine has published an article on Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Studios in which chief executive Avi Arad confirms the villain for Hulk 2:

For that villain, Arad has chosen one of his favorite baddies: Abomination, a former Yugoslav spy who has mutated into a 980-pound freak of terrifying strength and unpleasant demeanor. “He’s capable of amazing feats,” Arad says, eyes gleaming. And if Arad is right and the Hulk sequel or some of Marvel’s other self-made films break into blockbuster territory, people will be saying the same thing about him someday.

The article also states that Captain America will not likely be the first film out of the company’s financial deal with Merrill Lynch (Paramount would distribute the films):

Hollywood insiders say Arad had hoped to make Captain America Marvel’s debut film. But that’s not happening; Arad says he couldn’t line up the director he wanted until 2009. Moreover, two films Arad now says could be among those first out of the gate, the Hulk sequel and Iron Man, aren’t covered by the Merrill loan, which means Marvel will need another way to finance them.

You can read the full article here.

Source: Business 2.0 Magazine