Additional Spider-Man 3 Reports

‘TomWhoCares’ has sent in a couple of new shots from the Spider-Man 3 filming in Cleveland, Ohio:

Here is a NYC “newstand” in front of what we call the UNION club…a century old true millionaires club in downtown Cleveland and a car used for??

You can view those here. ‘Fred Roberts’ also wrote:

Hey, I live in Cleveland and go to Cleveland State University and have been taking some time during the breaks between classes to check the Spider-Man 3 filming. I couldn’t personally report seeing anything too spectacular today. The only scene I saw them filming was a shot that used an undamaged armored truck driving normally down the street, perhaps an establishment shot before Sandman gets involved. They were also working quite extensively on a wrecked vehicle that was being hoisted by a crane. I did notice something unusual that I don’t recall being mentioned, but it appears they have relabeled the streets the filming crosses to match New York, but all they have done is change the ‘East’ to ‘West’, for example, E. 9th St, which intersect the filming is now W. 9th, E. 6th is W. 6th, and so on.

Source: Superhero Hype!