More Spider-Man 3 Set Reports!

The Cleveland fans are continuing to send in reports on what is happening on the Spider-Man 3 set. First up is ‘Pete’:

Alan Hinkle was correct about our friend the saxophone player. I think it makes for great variety, given that the Spidey theme was played by ..

1) a white male cowboy on acoustic guitar in SM

2) an Asian woman plucked on violin in SM2 (twice!)

3) an African-American guy on saxophone in SM3

Today on the set it was cold and drizzly. As the extras (dressed as pedestrians) danced in place for warmth in the office park on Euclid at E. 13th, he played “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head.” Probably because it was starting to rain–I don’t know if he knew that the song was used during Peter Parker’s “I quit” sequence in SM2…

Also enclosed is a photo of the stunt double Sandman taken yesterday (when it was much sunnier). Again I apologize for the distance. Unlike Saturday, when they were just setting things up and downtown wasn’t bustling with office workers, they’ve been shooing gawkers back this week.

Also, I’ve attached some shots of the crew putting their vehicular wreckage “to bed” for the night…

You can view all those pics here! Next up is ‘Spider-Man Fan’:

Today, they were filming the armor truck crashing into 3 parked cars and one of the cars took out a parking meter. I thought at first that one of the cars was going to go through one of the windows of the building but luckily it didn’t.

Another scene that they filmed was Spider-Man slamming into a taxi and then one of the damaged cars was dragged when the camera truck went by. Spider-Man was not actually seen being slammed into the taxi but will probably be added on later. When they were setting up the cab scene, the idea was for the window to explode when the camera truck came by but somehow, one of the crews accidently pressed the button causing the window to crack before the filming began. They decided to film that and see how it goes but then they replaced the cab and filmed about 4 more takes.

The last scene they filmed for the day is a truck that had some safety bars on it and it was following the armor truck and smashed into one of the cars they damaged earlier.

I also forgot to mention that Spidey was filmed being dragged down the street on some kind of tarp. He looked like E.T when he had a blanket wrapped around him after the filming.

‘Mister Gone’ reported in as well:

Looks like there is more automotive mayhem in Cleveland. Filming took a turn for the creative when the stunt crew attached what appears to be compressed air tanks to the bottom side of one of the pre crashed cars. The effect is that when the camera truck passes by, the car does a complete 180 in a matter of seconds. It has taken seveal takes but the mechanism is very easy to reset, using a forklift to move the car back into place.

Source: Pete, Spider-Man Fan, Mister Gone