Gentle Giant on Scans for the Spidey Films

Computer Graphics World has published an article on 3D scans used for films, including the “Spider-Man” franchise. Here are several paragraphs:

Sony has also relied on Gentle Giant for scans the studio used while creating effects in Spider-Man, The Polar Express, Spider-Man 2, and, now, Spider-Man 3. Digital effects supervisor Peter Nofz reports that Gentle Giant usually delivers the data as high-res polygonal meshes in three formats, “to make sure that whomever needs it will have it.” He also requests the raw scan for cross-reference.

Nofz is enthused about what he calls “the next leap” in 3D scanning: instant photographic scans. “These photographic scanners will get the information and provide much more accurate meshes instantaneously,” he says. “I hoped we would see it for Spider-Man 3 but now it’s [likely we’ll have it for] Spider-Man 4.”

You can read the full article here.

Source: Computer Graphics World