Two New X-Men TV Spots Air!

‘JP’ alerted us that two new TV spots for X-Men: The Last Stand aired during the high-rated shows “American Idol” and “House” on Tuesday night on Fox. Let’s see how long it takes before we’ll find them on!

Hey there. Today during American Idol and House (on FOX) aired two different TV spots for X-Men: The Last Stand. Both contained some new footage.

New shot of Angel flying

X-Jet flying

Quick shot of Cyke at the Lake

Jean and Scott making out… hard. Jean’s eyes open with an evil-ish look.

Storm with lighting all around her.

Extended Storm spin at Jeans house.

Pyro shooting fire in the air.

Juggernaut semi-trapped in the floor. Kitty pops up from the ground and smiles.

I tried to get some shots, which I have posted here, here, here and here.

Source: JP