New X-Men: The Last Stand Promo Pins

Scooper ‘SuperAdam87’ wrote in today with news that theaters will be giving out X-Men: The Last Stand promo pins:

I am writing with some promotional X-Men: The Last Stand news. I work for AMC Theatres and it looks like they are helping Fox and Marvel hype up the upcoming release of the new film. They are giving out free X-Men pins! The pins feature the X3 character posters released earlier last month. There a total of 6 pins – Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, Angel and Beast. Head over to your nearby AMC Guest Services if they have the pins! I’ve attached an image.

‘Riskdogg’ added that they are being sent to Regal Cinemas as well:

Just FYI, I work at Regal Cinemas and our theaters also received the X-3 promo pins, so I believe many theaters in addition to AMC has them.

X-Men: The Last Stand hits theaters on May 26.

Source: SuperAdam87