Ratner on X-Men & Superman Toy Pics

IESB.net has posted a great interview with X-Men: The Last Stand director Brett Ratner in which he mentions the recent filming and some surprises in the film. Here’s a clip:

I am doing pick ups, the movie is done. When I saw the movie and I had ideas and said to Tom [Rothman] I have an idea to do… and he said great go shoot it because he loves this movie. So if he wouldn’t of liked the movie then there would’ve of been a problem. So they told me go do whatever I want to do, go shoot it. I haven’t re-shot one thing. I mean, actually there is one 30-second scene that I shot that is not in the movie. Every single scene made it into the movie. Which is something that has never happened to me.

That interview is available at the link above. The site has also posted photos of the Superman Returns toys that were on display at the Wizard World Los Angeles.

Source: IESB.net